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Got Stuff? We Do!

In order to enhance your spa experience, SpaPure has developed simple to use, concentrated, and affordable products to make relaxation easy to achieve. 

SpaPure Water Care Products help you enjoy your spa more with only having to perform maintenance on your spa a couple of minutes weekly.*

*Spa Pure water care products are compatible with all types of spas and hot tubs.

The Softub Great Barrier filter has anti-microbial protection built in to inhibit growth of bacteria that can cause stains or odors.

This filter's continuous cleaning action makes the spa filter easier to clean, keeps it fresher between cleanings and lasts the life of the filter.

FIX A LEAK is a blended, concentrated material designed to seal leaks in virtually any material.

FIX A LEAK can be used to fix spa plumbing leaks. It will seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter and form a permanent seal.

Use 8 oz per 1,000 gallons for leaks in hot tubs.

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